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Description: 09 July 2012, Tangier, Morocco - A fisherman preparing to go out to sea and fish, from Port Dikky...FAO Project: GCP/INT/028/SPA - GCP/INT/006/EC - CopeMed II: Cooordination to support fisheries management in the western and central Mediterranean. The Project will support national and regional fisheries management processes and will take advantage of the scientific multidisciplinary knowledge that was developed during the first phase. The Project will attempt to reduce the differences in fisheries management between northern and southern countries of the region and will try to encourage a sub-regional approach in fisheries research and management..Re-qualifying the artisanal fisheries sector in the Mediterranean, particularly in the fragile coastal zones, is essential to the livelihood of the coastal fishing communities. The Project intends to develop pilot activities to assist the artisanal fisheries sector..The main areas of intervention are the following:.-Support the sub regional cooperation (north-south and south-south) and institutional commitment to the shared management of common resources, considering the Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries;.-The necessary statistical information (biological and socio-economic) for management;.-Fisheries research (in its biological, ecological, socio-economic and institutional components) and the strengthening of research and regional scientific cooperation; and.-Fisheries Information Networks involving all the actors and support to the regional and national institutions.
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