FAO project SPFP/CMB/6701 - SPFP Cambodia within the framework of the Strategy for National Agricultural Development.

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Title: FAO project SPFP/CMB/6701 - SPFP Cambodia within the framework of the Strategy for National Agricultural Development.
Description: 23 June 2006, Pursat - A woman casting a fishing net from a boat on the Tonle Sap River. FAO project SPFP/CMB/6701 - SPFP Cambodia. Within the framework of the Strategy for National Agricultural Development: Horizon 2010 and in line with the specific objectives of the FAO Special Programme for Food Security, the objective of the SPFS programme of Cambodia is: To maximize national food self-reliance and to reduce the risks of disruptive variations in supply by demonstrating and facilitating a rapid increase in agricultural productivity and food production on an economically and environmental sustainable basis. More specifically the immediate objectives of the pilot phase of the SPFS will be to assist the Government of Cambodia: To identify and demonstrate appropriate technologies to better control water for agricultural production, to intensify production through improved varieties, soil fertilization and integrated pest management and to diversify farm income through small livestock and aquaculture improvements; Through a participatory process identify farmers requirements and constraints in the introduction of the technologies and in the establishment of active community participation in the operation and maintenance of the common resource base and water control system; Through an intensive staff training programme to create an effective local capability to provide the essential support services and to assist farmers in the introduction of the improved agricultural technologies; To prepare recommendations to extend the pilot demonstrations into national and regional action programmes linked to international aid and lending programmes.  [more like this...]
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Country: Cambodia
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