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ID: 18341
Original Filename: 46359372894_c7d6f6432d_k.jpg
Title: 46359372894_c7d6f6432d_k
Description: WWF Ghana Tuna Fisheries Tema Market Mami Pkpone, Fish Retailer  [more like this...]
License type: (c) FAO Photo rights managed. FAO photographs are provided for one-time editorial use and for the specified purpose only. No commercial use, advertising, marketing, storage or third-party distribution of FAO photographs is allowed. Photographs may not be modified without prior permission. FAO reserves the right to withhold distribution and/or permission to reproduce FAO photographic material should intended use be considered inappropriate. FAO photographs must be credited each time they are published, as indicated in the Credit field for each photo on the FAO mediabase. Proper format is ©FAO/name of photographer (unless otherwise indicated). We ask that a complimentary copy of the publication, article, or URL address in which the image/s appear be sent to: Photo Library, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Viale delle Terme di Caracalla 00153, Rome, Italy, email: photo-library@fao.org
Country: Ghana
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